Features – TMate

Tracking any activity. WHAT. HOW MUCH. WHEN.

Tell about hobby, fitness, study, work, public events and personal life. From now on, topics are not limited to sports or business.

Invest your time, manage your time, and achieve results by analyzing personal statistics. Be a role model and learn from the best.

Pick from a variety of more than 5000 activities from hard working and studying to games and family relax or create your own — then tap and go. Set the goal and frequency of activities.

Collection and visualization of statistics.

Find out how you spend time during the day or year. Compare yourself to your friends using channel statistics. Experiment with your life schedule.

Build stronger connections with your loved ones. On their user pages, learn not just about their thoughts, but also about their pace, schedule and goals.

Discover new communication dimension

Use timer or report timing after finishing the activity. Report current or completed activities, or simply write a message about anything you want.

A new communication tool - TIME will complement messages with photos, audio, video, text, etc.

Build a team and track, improve, measure, analyze

Break your procrastination habit. Get things done together. You have support from your friends and inspire you to hit your goals.

Organize an event or start a project and watch your colleagues, partners and clients getting involved, evaluating their results and timing.

Set the topic and privacy level of the channel using fine settings. Tell the world about your favorite things or talk privately.